Echium Sweater Knit Kit

Echium Sweater Knit Kit


Knit Kit contents:

  • Pattern
  • Skein 1: Hand spun, 3 oz, 83 grams, 340 yards
  • Skein 2: Hand spun, 1.25 oz, 36 grams, 80 Yards
  • Skein 3: Hand spun, 1.5 oz,43 grams, 80 Yards
  • Skein 4: Hand spun, 2.5 oz, 70 grams, 160 yards
  • Skein 5: Hand spun, 2.5 oz, 72 grams, 170 Yards
  • Skein 6: Mill spun, 3.25 oz, 92 grams, 200 yards
  • Skein 7: Hand spun, 2 oz, 56 grams, 150 yards
  • Skein 8: Hand spun, 1.5 oz, 42 grams, 70 yards

All yarns are spun from local wool and alpaca. Environmental friendly acid dyes were used. Everything was dyed in roving, carded for color, and sometimes small amounts of silk noil were used to enhance the color experience.

Skill level: Easy to Intermediate

Size: Small to Medium

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This sweater was inspired by the colors in Luxor, Egypt. Years ago, my husband and I stayed in an old Mediterranean style hotel with white curtains in the tall hallways blowing in the wind against the periwinkle blue walls. Looking through the long hallways onto the Nile, which had a different shade of blue with sailing boats in more white and blue hues was magical. Later, the echiums in my garden had the same blue tones.